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Exams & Physicals

- School/sports physicals $30

- Thorough exams are giving for new patients or established patients with a new/reaggravation of an injury.

- DOT physicals offered $75 (Must call to schedule an appointment for this physical.)

Diversified Manual Adjustments

Diversified technique is very common technique used by chiropractors. It uses multiple different aspects of other techniques to adapt to the patient. This is the preferred method used in our clinic.


Most commonly referred as the “clicking tool”. It is not the primary form of adjusting but can be used in replace of manual adjustments. This can be done for those not comfortable with manual adjustments or if there is a certain condition which requires a softer adjustment. A handle held tool is used to give a small precise thrust to restricted joint.


There is more to chiropractic than just giving adjustments. The rehabilitation of affected tissues is just as important as correcting the biomechanics of joints. We offer Electrostimulation Therapy, Myofascial Release, Faktr (a form of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization), and K-taping.

Foot Levelers

With every new patient exam, a free scan of your feet for a custom fit functional orthotic is offered. After the scan different options will be explained and a recommendation will be made on which orthotic would be the best fit. Functional orthotics are important because they help correct any imbalances to help prevent future pains and aches and even reduce/eliminate some current aches and pains. The most common condition that orthotics is known to help improve is low back pain.